Ski Area Belvedere

Ski Area Belvedere in Canazei

Canazei is the valley’s skiing capital!

In winter Canazei is the main ski resort of the area; a privileged point of departure for any kind of skiers. Canazei is in the forefront of winter sports and of all the other activities and disciplines connected with it.. First of all there is the Ski-School, which with its more than hundred ski teachers, assures high-quality services and teaching at all levels and in the various techniques; from carving to telemark, from ski-touring to snowboarding.The school-field, which lies right in the middle of the village, is wide and very attended and is especially arranged for the teaching of children. A little further you can find the “Kinderland”, which is the undoubted reign of the youngest skiers, a structure where a warm welcome, activity and refreshment, assure parents the highest security for the care of their children.

From the centre of Canazei, with the brand-new cable car with automatic linking Canazei/Pecol, you enter the Ski-Area Belvedere/Col Rodella. Here you have an embarrassingly wide choice of ski runs and if you want you can also easily reach the close Val Gardena, the valley of Arabba and the other tourist resorts connected with the Sellaronda. Belvedere is the real paradise for the snowboard fans, who can find there the only Snowboard Park of the whole area, which is reserved exclusively to snowboarding and which is provided with snow springboards and half-pipe routes. Moreover, from Col dei Rossi it is possible to hover unforgettable two-seater flights with the paragliding.

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  Ski Pass

Prices Ski Area Belvedere

Since the 2004 - 2005 skiing season, the daily Ski Area pass is no longer available; it is only possible to purchase day passes for the Fassa Valley. Val di Fassa-Carezza and Dolomitisuperski ski passes are also valid in the Belvedere Ski Area. Trevalli ski passes are NOT valid.


Price list Winter Season 2015/2016
Passo Pordoi - Sass Pordoi There and back
Euro 17,00
Euro 9,00
Passo Pordoi - Sass Pordoi There
Euro 10,00
Euro 5,50
Passo Pordoi - Sass Pordoi Back
Euro 8,00
Euro 4,50
Funifor Alba - Col dei Rossi There and back
Euro 17,50
Euro 9,00
Funifor Alba - Col dei Rossi There
Euro 11,00
Euro 6,00
Funifor Alba - Col dei Rossi Back
Euro 8,00
Euro 4,50
High season
(21.12.2015 - 06.01.2016 and 31.01.2016 - 19.03.2016)
(07.01.2016 - 30.01.2016)
(till 20.12.2015)
Morning Adulti
Euro 35,00
Euro 32,00
Euro 28,00
Morning Juniores
Euro 26,00
Euro 24,00
Euro 23,00
Afternoon Adults
Euro 34,00
Euro 31,00
Euro 27,00
Afternoon Juniores
Euro 25,00
Euro 23,00
Euro 22,00

Children until 8 years (born after 28/11/2007): Free
JUNIORES from 8 to 16 years (born after 28/11/1999): Reductions
GROUPS minimum 20 persons: Groups price

Other information: S.I.T.C.
Via Pareda, 121 - 38032 Canazei (TN)
Tel. 0462 / 601285 - Fax 0462 / 601507
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  Ski Info

Slopes Ski Area Belvedere

The slopes in the Belvedere Ski Area are among some of the most spectacular that the Dolomites have to offer, and they are suitable for all skiers. They are large, sunny and offer a host of lifts and other facilities. Fun is guaranteed on the Belvedere pistes. It is also possible to use links to other, nearby ski areas, such as Col Rodella and Sella Ronda, something that allows you access to unique pistes as far off as Val Gardena and Val Badia. Dozens and dozens of kilometres of pistes are just waiting for you to ski them. So what are you waiting for? Don’t hesitate any longer: give yourself the gift of an unforgettable skiing holiday in Canazei.

Name of the ski run Degree of difficulty Height of departure Height of arrival Drop Length
Sass Becé mt. 2.423 mt. 2.148 mt. 275 mt. 1.200
Belvedere mt. 2.346 mt. 2.148 mt. 198 mt. 1.700
Kristiania mt. 2.423 mt. 2.059 mt. 364 mt. 1.720
Gherdecia mt. 2.266 mt. 1.932 mt. 334 mt. 2.700
Col de Rossi mt. 2.382 mt. 1.932 mt. 450 mt. 1.570
Del Bosco mt. 2.059 mt. 1.500 mt. 559 mt. 4.360
Pordoi mt. 2.240 mt. 2.059 mt. 181 mt. 950
Gonzaga mt. 2.199 mt. 2.117 mt. 82 mt. 520
Maria mt. 2.230 mt. 2.086 mt. 144 mt. 710
Belvedere I mt. 2.418 mt. 2.076 mt. 342 mt. 1.350
Belvedere II mt. 2.418 mt. 2.076 mt. 342 mt. 1.400
Arabba mt. 2.076 mt. 1.855 mt. 221 mt. 1.100
  Ski Webcam

Webcam Ski Area Belvedere

Our live webcam Ski Area Belvedere.

A webcam to Ski Area Belvedere Canazei (1.926 m - 2.423 m) from Ski Area Col Rodella Campitello di Fassa (2.440 m) .
Webcam from Col Rodella (2.440 m) to Ski Area Belvedere (2.423 m) and Marmolada (3.343 m).

All live webcam from Canazei and Val di Fassa on Dolomiti Webcam.
  Ski Summer

Belvedere In Summer

In summer, Canazei offers many starting points for unforgettable hiking trips. Some of the names of the Dolomite peaks, such as Pordoi, Sella and Marmolada are enough to bring to mind the hikes and climbs that have forged the history of mountain sports. In summer and winter alike, mountain-lovers will find themselves spoilt for choice. Boredom is not an option in Canazei – not even at night!

Countless other routes start out from Belvedere and those looking for more information about all possible excursions can consult the summer pages about excursions in the Fassa Valley on our web site