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Towns of Fassa Valley
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Moena, the fairy of the Dolomites, nestles in a charming valley

Immersed in its splendid valley, Moena has a particular charm that has made it the fairy of the Dolomites

Moena, the Fairy of the Dolomites, is the first town you come to when you enter the Val di Fassa. The town itself nestles in a charming and sunny valley, which is surrounded by green meadows and woods that become covered in a thick layer of snow in winter, creating a fairytale scene. Moena is linked to the San Pellegrino Pass that, as well as being a fast link to the Veneto region (Falcade – Belluno – Venice), is a tourist location in its own right, with hotels and ski lifts and facilities, and even a hiking area in the summer. Moena is the largest town in the Val di Fassa and it borders the Val di Fiemme, to which it has been economically associated since ancient times. The town is divided into inner districts: Ciaséole, which is probably the oldest and Turchia, which is probably the newest. Forno, Medil, Peniola, Sorte and Someda are the outer districts of the town. Moena’s local ski area is Alpe di Lusia, which is part of the Trevalli skiing area. The San Pellegrino Pass is also home to a ski area of the same name: another.

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