Winter service in Val di Fassa

Ski schools, ski hire, ski buses and refuges are just some of the services offered to tourists who book a winter holiday week.

A winter holiday in the Fassa Valley does not just mean skiing. Although mainly linked to winter sports, the possibilities for fun and relaxation can include snowboarding, cross-country skiing, sleighing, skating, etc. …

Skiing in the Dolomites is spectacular! Breathtaking views, clear skies, magnificent sunshine and lots and lots of facilities. There is no shortage of “Après ski” spots: you’ll be spoilt for choice. The important thing is to have fun. And those who want to relax after a thrilling day out can do so in their hotel sauna or by visiting any of the many wellness centres in the valley.

The towns and villages are connected by the famous Ski Bus that travels through every village in the valley, meaning you can change your ski area every day, no matter where you are staying.

Ski school

There are many ski schools in the Fassa Valley to help beginners approach this wonderful sport. Not only that, but ski instructors can also help in improving the technique of those who already know how to ski… more

Ski Rent

As years have gone by, it seemed to be for granted that it was needed to purchase expensive and essential skiing equipment. Nowadays, in our country in which the concept of property is deeply rooted, it is to believe to be more advantageous to use skis and ski boots without necessarily owning them … more


All towns and villages are connected by the famous Skibus, which travels to each one so that you can change ski area every day, no matter where you are staying…. more

Mountain refuges

There are numerous mountain refuges waiting to welcome you in the Val di Fassa. These extremely important facilities are to be found more or less everywhere: in the easiest vales to reach, at the arrival of the uphill lifts at high altitudes and even on the most impervious and hidden peaks. Welcoming travellers into an alpine refuge restaurant or mountain refuge is the task of the manager, but it is also and above all, a great pleasure. The atmosphere you will find in the refuges is very particular: simplicity and cordial cheer. A familiar and essential environment that will immediately put you at your ease. Our list of mountain refuges in Val di Fassa.

How to reach us

The Val di Fassa is located in north-eastern Trentino; it also borders Alto Adige to the west and Veneto to the east. It is possible to reach the valley by car from various locations, by driving through the passes all around the valley itself. How to reach Val di Fassa.