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Towns of Fassa Valley
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The hotels and apartments of Pozza di Fassa are surrounded by the fantastic scenery of the Dolomites

Skiing by night, perhaps without having to take the car, directly in the village? This is possible thanks to the Pozza di Fassa Ski Stadium

Pozza di Fassa is in the centre of the valley and therefore, can be reached easily from the other towns and villages. One of the particular features of Pozza is the Aloch piste, which is also known as the Ski Stadium. It is located in the centre of the village near the district of Meida. This renowned slope is even floodlit in the evenings and it is the only one where it is possible to ski by night. The Catinaccio Ski Area can be reached from the nearby district of Pera, thanks to the Vajolet chairlift. It also is possible to reach the hiking area on Catinaccio from Pera – during the summer season – using the same chairlift or by means of the handy shuttle bus service between Pera and Gardeccia. Less difficult but equally charming are the hikes in the romantic Val S. Nicolò, which you can reach by car, to be left in the large car park where all of the hikes and walks begin.

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