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Towns of Fassa Valley
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Relaxation and Nature at Soraga di Fassa

Immersed in nature at Lake Soraga, where you will rediscover peace and relaxation

Just past Moena, continuing towards the Fassa Valley, you will come to a small but splendid green lake with the walls of the Catinaccio mountain as its backdrop. Alongside the lake is an enchanting village: Soraga di Fassa. In 2002 a project to valorise the lake was approved and this includes creating a park and optimising all of the surrounding area.
Soraga is also characterised by the groups of houses that blend in perfectly with the natural countryside around the village. Mention should go to Palua and Barbide upstream as well as to Festil, Garghele and Sala. This is to the advantage of tourists, who will find a typical mountain village immersed in nature and proud of its care and attention in beautifying its surroundings. So you can only be pleased when you find yourself in a relaxing oasis of nature and peace.
Soraga is therefore the ideal spot for enjoying a peaceful holiday with easy walks through the valley bottom. It is an excellent centre if you wish to travel easily through the valley; because its ideal position means that, in just a short time, it is possible to arrive at the Lusia Ski Area of Moena or in the same amount of time, at the Catinaccio Ski Area of Vigo di Fassa. The valley’s other skiing areas are all easily reached from Soraga and the same is true of the summer hiking routes.

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